Saturday, September 27, 2014

Among of tourism attractions in Southern Highland region is Mbozi meteorite which is located about 70 km from Mbeya city.  On the way to the site you will enjoy to see coffee farms. A first coffee plant was planted at Mbozi Mission hospital in 1902 by Bauchman the first missionary in Mbozi.

Nowadays coffee are grown by every body.

The introduction of avocados as commercial crops has played a vital part in growing economy as every villager can grow avocados (parachichi) and thus increasing family income.

A farmer is grafting avocado seedlings.

Mbozi meteorite about 12 tones of weight 98 nickel

Avocados nurseries before grafting
 Grafted avocado seedlings ready for planting

Coffee farms at Itaka village in Mbozi district

a farmer Mr Kenneth Mwang'amba working on his coffee farm at Itaka village
Mr Mwang'amba now is our ambassador in coffee matters

Let's talk Coffee that is how slogan tries to tell

Tanzania Coffee Research Institute (Tacri) Mbimba station is performing miracles in coffee seedlings production. Mr Isack Mushi the station manager training farmers on how to care coffee especially pruning suckers
 Coffee waiting harvest

Tanzania's President encouraging farmers to extend more farms in cash crops. He was officially opening CRDB branch in Mbozi to enable farmers groups to access credit facilities.
Mbozi farmers can manage to build best houses and live at least best life only from coffee produces


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